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How to grant access rights to an user

Permissions in Mirro are set up by Access Rights. When adding a new user in the application, they will already have assigned a basic access, as defined by the pricing tier of your choosing. 

Grant access rights for more accessibility.

To associate a new access right with an user in Mirro you have two possibilities. 
1. Add a new access rights from the user profile by accessing the User profile, View Employment option and  Roles and Access tab. To add a role, you will need to select it from the list and access the option Access rights  , as seen below: 

Once the access right has been assigned the user will receive a notification to be informed that new accessibility has been granted for his account. In the same time, if a role is removed from an user, the user will also be informed through another notification. 


2. Add a new access right from the Access Rights section, by accessing the Admin area module. Here you will have the possibility to find a list available with all access rights and their description. In this section you will be able to add a new right to one person or to multiple persons.  Access the name of the role and fill-in the users which should receive it, as seen below: 


Once the role has been assigned, you will receive a confirmation message and you will be able to select another user. The users will be informed through a notification that new permissions were granted for them.