How to lead your people with performance check-ins

The check-in with your mentees is an important process, and we believe that this way of keeping in touch with your colleagues and employees is a must. However, it does not have to be complicated.

To begin, navigate to the module Performance- All check-ins option.

You will notice that you are in the section called Mentees assigned to me on the top right, and at the bottom, you will see a list of all the users who are assigned to you.



You will find information such as the duration of the previous check-in (if any), which was the last finalized check-in, the overall satisfaction and performance, when it's the next check-in due, and the status of the current check-in.


If you click on any of the user columns, you will be taken to a new page that represents the mentee's most recent check-in. To continue with the check-in procedure, click on Go to check-in.



Note: You can change the time frame of a certain check-in. If you feel like you need to meet up with your mentee earlier or later than discussed, you can simply click on change the check-in time frame and choose another date.



On the right of the page, you will see the check-in activity between you and your mentee.



You will see the feedback and kudos received since the last check-in, OKRs, the teams from which the mentee is part, and the last finalized check-in.


When looking at the form, you will have to answer two questions about the mentee, and you can choose to write them down and share them now, or you can leave the page anytime and edit your notes later, as they will automatically be saved. Once you press Share, the mentee will be able to see your answers, and you can see theirs if they shared before you.


At the end of the form, you will have to complete the Summary and note the Overall Performance. We recommend having a face-to-face or online meeting before finalizing the check-in. Only you will be able to do the last step. After that, don't forget to press Share and Finalize. 



The questions are descriptive but at the same time, they leave space for you to be as explicative as you want.

- The first question is How would you describe your mentee's results, accomplishments, and lessons learned for this period? and you can keep the answer as short or long as you wish. We recommend you be as honest as you can, and if you really saw a spark here, express it!

- The second question is What your mentee should improve and/or achieve in the near future?, and this can really help them evolve in their career if you are being honest. Things are perceived differently when seen from the outside, and maybe you are the awakening voice they needed;

- The Summary should be completed after you have already had the meeting with your colleague and you both discussed and came to a conclusion together;

- The Overall Performance should be graded based on your expectations besides your mentee's actions, and it should reflect their activity, not them as a person.


Note: If you would like your company to have a custom form, you can contact us at and we will create some questions more fitting for your company.