How to activate a contract in Mirro

Adding a contract for a certain user is one of the first steps when using Mirro for managing your company. This type of document is visible for you, the person who is entitled to add these elements and work with sensitive content such as personal data, and the employee whose contract you are uploading.

You need to make sure that you have the proper access right associated with your account to activate a contract in Mirro. 

There are two options when uploading a contract: you can use the import option (either for one user, or for multiple at once), or add it manually (one by one).

1. Import contracts 

Please make sure to have the proper access rights associated with your account. The access rights are Import management and App settings management. 

You can find more details about associating access rights in the article How to grant access rights to a user.

To add a contract using the import option, you need to access the Admin Area module - Import Data option - Import contracts section.

The next step is to Download the template offered by us and to complete it with the details of your employee, following the example shown in the table.
Once you open the document, you will see three sections: Import, ReadMe and CauseForSuspensionTermination.
-Import: here you will have to insert the details, as from the example shown here;
-ReadMe: As the name says it, there you will find Easy Steps for a Successful Import, meaning that every section from Import will be explained here;
-CauseForSuspensionTermination: the codes you see here are imported from the Romanian Legislation. If you don't see the code needed here, you can contact us for further support at 


The boxes noted in purple are mandatory (e.g: Employee Identification, Contract Number).
After you are done completing the table, you will have to make a simulation by saving and uploading it without checking the Save contracts with all valid lines box, and press Import.
You will be redirected to Import History and you will receive a notification saying whether or not there are errors from uploading your document. You can download the file from the notification, see all the errors and correct them, then make the simulation again.
When you open the file which you download, you will see 3 excel tabs, in the third tab you will be able to identify the columns where the errors are described. Check the last columns. 
After the notification will say that no error occurred, you can upload the document again, but this time you will have to check the Save contracts with all valid lines box.

2. Activate a contract manually 

To add a contract manually, you will have to go to the employee's administrative profile - View employment data option Contract tab.
First, you will have to select a default contract template. You can add it from the list you have there, or you can ever create a new template for your organization.
You can find more details in the article How to define standard contract templates
The fields will be already populated with values based on the template chosen before.  If you would like to make any changes, you just have to move the mouse to the selected one and press Edit.
The fields with asterixis are mandatory (e.g: Start Date, Salary Currency).
When you're done, don't forget to Save and Activate the contract. 

Please take into consideration that the vacation days mentioned in the contract will not have impact over the leave balance, the number of days is just pure informative.  The Leave module and Contracts module are not linked.