How to add a public announcement in MIRRO

More often we are looking for ways to transmit the company's message to all users, at the same time. One option that we choose is the e-mail, but most of the time people tend to ignore the e-mails coming as announcements. 

With MIRRO, you can make sure that all users will see your message, but they will also have the possibility to interact with it.


Make public announcements fun, easy to be seen and interactive.


In the beginning, you will need to make sure that your user is associated with the proper access right, called Public Post Admin. For more details about granting users access, you can check the article  How to grant access rights to a user.


Once the access rights are set up, you can go and add your new post, by accessing My Mirro module from the menu where you will find the option Add new announcement.


Once the post has been added it will be automatically pinned by us, so that you don't have to worry about any other additional details.

If you feel that the time of the public announcement has passed you can always unpin it. Once the post is unpinned, it will go straight into the feed, taking the position from the date it was added.  Be sure when you want to unpin a post as the option to revert the action is unavailable. 


Give your people the possibility to interact with your public messages and use MIRRO. They will be able to like your announcement, to leave a comment and even to invite more other people to see it, by mentioning their name in the comments.