How to import contract details

Mirro makes the set-up process easier by using  Imports. You can import multiple information in your application: 

  1. Users and their details

  2. Management lines

  3. Employment Contracts

  4. Performance managers and coordinators

  5. Time off balances

  6. Carry over days

Import files support .xlsx format and import templates are available to download. For a successful import, please mind data formatting from the downloaded templates.

To import the data in Mirro, you will need to access the Admin area module > Import data section. After deciding which details would you like to upload, you will need to download the template which should be filled in with the information according to the header and the legend (available in the second excel tab).


Import multiple contracts at once


Save a lot of time by uploading multiple contracts at once.  Mind data formatting and fill in all data about your people's contracts that you want Mirro to handle according to the following legend: 

  1. The columns marked with purple are mandatory

  2. Please note that users will be matched by their EmployeeIdentifier or email (column A). You need to have the users in the application (you can use import users)

  3. Please use this date format: yyyy-mm-dd (format all columns that contains dates before uploading the file) 

  4. Please make sure Contract Status (column D) contains only the following values: "active", "suspended", "terminated"

  5. Cause for suspention/termination (columns E, F) should contain codes detailed in the sheet CauseForSuspention/Termination

  6. Please make sure Contract Type (column J) contains only the following values: "INDEFINITE_TERM", "FIXED_TERM", "ZERO_HOUR" and "APPRENTICESHIP"

  7. For terminated contracts, please complete both and Contract Termination Date (column L) and Last Worked Day (column M)

  8. Please use the Company Location code for employee main location (column W)

  9. OccupationalClassificationCode (column X) is the numerical code of the position, according to your country -  ESCO (European Union), ISCO (International), SOC (UK), NOC (Canada), COR (Romania) etc

To make sure that all details are filled-in accordingly, you will have the possibility first to simulate the import. When you perform a simulation, the application will let you know if the information from the file is correct or not.  The difference between the simulation process the and import process consists in the option: Save contracts with all valid lines*  which should be unselected when performing a simulation. 

After the simulation has been finished, you will be redirected in the Import History page where you will be able to download the file imported to see the errors, if any errors occur. In the same time, when the process will be finished, you will be notified offering you the possibility to download the file directly from the notification.  The errors will be highlighted in the downloaded file with red and comments will be available with the error messages. 

Once you managed to correct all errors from the file, to perform the import you will need to access the Admin area module > Import Data section > Download the template for import contracts > Fill-in the information according to the details from the legend > Save the information > Select the file to upload > Access the option Import and mark the field Save contracts with all valid lines*. 

Once you accessed the import option, you will be redirected to the Import History section where you can track the progress of the import. At the same time, when the process will be finished, you will receive a notification to know that the process is finished.  

When the details will be imported, you will be able to find each contract available for each person in part by accessing the user profile > Employment Data option and the Contract tab.