How to keep track of the feedback requests

If you want to have a better view of all the feedback requests and keep them organised, we came up with the best tool!


To see every feedback request that was sent to you, you will have to go to the module Performance- Feedback Requests option.


On top of the page, you will see three sections: From me, where you will find the feedback others are waiting on you to offer, For me, which is feedback you are waiting for someone else to offer, and For others, that is feedback others are waiting on.


You can see each person that requested feedback from you, when did they send the request, what they want to receive feedback on, and the status of the request, without having to click on it.


If you click on Your perspective, you will be able to respond to it by writing what the mentee did good and what they can improve, regarding the subject. You will see that the visibility is protected, which means that only you and the mentee can see it, as well as their mentors, direct managers and upper management. 

You can choose to close the page, share it, get a reminder later on or to opt out.


If you choose to share now, you will be asked if you want to ask for feedback yourself, give kudos or give another perspective.