How to manage all work away requests

Mirro is offering you the possibility to organize and manage all work away requests which are performed by your colleagues. Based on your roles in Mirro, you can handle all work away requests or only those for which you received access rights. 
You can find more details about associating access rights in the article How to grant access rights to an user.
View, approve all requests easily from one place
To manage all work away requests, you will need to access the Leave and attendance module > Work Away Requests section and you will be able to see all requests which were processed. 

In this section, you will be able to filter the information according to your needs, Mirro offering you multiple filters to use: 

-> The status filter will allow you to filter by the status of the request. A request can have multiple statuses: 
  1. Open - Pending: A request which has been performed and needs approval from the time-off approver 
  2. Open - Pending Cancellation: A request which has been added, approved by the time-off approver, cancelled by the user and needs approval from the direct coordinator to be cancelled
  3. Closed - Approved: A request which has been approved by the time-off approver. 
  4. Closed - Declined: A request which has been declined by the time-off approver.
  5. Closed - Cancelled: A request which has been cancelled by the user. 
-> The period filter will allow you to filter the requests within a time range which you will select
-> The employee filter will allow you to identify easily the requests for only one employee
-> The type filter will allow you to easily find only the requests of a specific type. The type of the rule is determined by the rules defined in the Work Away Settings section. 

To approve a request you will need to access the option  More,  and select the Aprrove option.  You have the possibility to approve, decline or cancel a request.

If you are a direct approver, you will be able to approve or decline the request directly from the e-mail. 

Once a request will be processed, the status will be changed accordingly. 
You also have the possibility to see more details of a specific request, for example, the comments which were left on a request, only by hovering the mouse over the card. 
Once seeing the details, you can decide if the request can be approved or declined, having the possibility to leave a comment as well.