How to set-up document templates

Documents management is a delicate matter for all companies and Mirro handles the entire process, using custom, user-defined templates .


Create document templates to automate documents issuing
Templates are used to generate employee documents. Once you have set templates up, you can generate different types of documents using employee data applied on a custom form with placeholders - ${placeholderName}.
You can find all fields supported in Placeholders (Admin Area module > Placeholders section). The Placeholders will be pasted in the documents which will be further imported as templates in Mirro.  Supported document formats are .docx.
1. Defining the placeholders
Before uploading the template in Mirro, you will need to customize your template by adding the proper placeholders. The placeholders are the variables based on which the information will be extracted automatically from the application. 
To add the placeholders, you will need to access the  Admin Area module > Placeholders section  and copy the placeholders needed from the corresponding entity. For example, for completing a certificate of employment document you can use the following placeholders: 
  1. ${employee.fullName} - which will extract the name of the user for which the document will be generated 
  2. ${} - variable which will extract the user position defined in Mirro for which the document is being generated 
  3. ${employee.hireDate}  - variable which will extract the hire date of the user for which the document is being generated


 In the end the template of employment certificate should look like below: 
After you finish customizing the template, you will be able to upload it in the application. 
2. Upload a document template
​To create a new document template, you will need to access the  Admin Area  module >  Document Templates  section and choose the option  Add new template.   A new form will be opened for you to fill-in the details of the template, as following: 
  1. Name: you will need to fill-in the name of the document. For example, certificate of employment.
  2. Category: you will have the possibility to choose from a wide range of categories where the document should be added. 
  3. Drop files: you will need to select from your local computer the template.


3. Generate a new document
Mirro is offering you the possibility to generate a document by accessing different sections in the application.
-> You can generate a document for yourself, accessing the  Documents  module >  My documents  section >  Generate a document from template  option: 
-> You can generate a document for one of your colleagues, accessing his profile, by searching his name in the top bar.  After accessing his profile, you will need to select the option  View employment data  and go to the  Documents  section to access the option Generate document from his profile. 
When a document will be generated, it will be downloaded by default by your computer. Once a document has been generated, it will look like below, as the information will be extracted based on the placeholders previously mentioned.