How can I see all check-ins as a Company Performance Admin?

Expressing your thoughts and needs is always an important step into a healthy work process and flow. We think that having a timeframe for the check-ins can help you see the evolution of your colleagues, and why not, maybe celebrate them with a kudos!


To begin with, navigate to the module Performance- Latest check ins option.


The first thing you will see is a list with the check-ins between you and your mentees, as the filter Performance manager will be automatically set to you. If you want, you can delete or change the filters on the right of the page.


Above the check-ins, you can observe a few sorting criteria, that will help you sort the information to better visualize it. You can use the filter User to see the mentees alphabetically and the filter Duration since the last completed check-in to filter the results by the last check-in timeframe. Also, you can see the current performance manager, the current check-in timeframe for each result, and you also have the option to:

-Nudge: you can send a nudge to the members of the check-in, so they don't forget to complete it;

-See the history: you can view the previous check-ins between the mentee and the performance manager


If you scroll down a little bit, you will see the option Export check-ins report. By clicking on that option, a detailed export with more information will be automatically downloaded onto your PC.

To access one of the check-ins, hover the mouse to the current check-in timeframe of the desired one, as exemplified in the photo:

To read more information about the wonderful tools you will find on the check-in page, you can check our article: How to lead your people with performance check-ins